Come upon an elephant mouse what do you say? I am a lesser pyramid
Beside the Pyramid at Giza. I am a Colossus but not the one at Rhodes.
I wonder only mending the other wonderfuls to make myself er.
I stop all lights from not lighting. Some masochists treat the rest of us
According to a bad golden rule. Some sadists keep it to themselves.
My sympathy my empathy my sympathetic empathy is is   proximate.
Like on my lap. Like with crazed claws digging into my shoulders
Under a big X over a little. People can be nice and people can be horrible.
Which people do you mean? As a tubular matrix I can be silly.
It depends on how many dimensions in which this occurs.
Twelve in a single sitting— did that really happen? I watched a movie
That explained multiple infinities of differing lengths and sizes.
Afterwards the author did something to himself. I can be this idiotic too
I am the Nebuchadnezzar of whom you speak. In my palace I hung
A bush that bloomed in the winter. I called it Christmas Cactus
But then I saw a real cactus in the Tucson Range near Tucson, AZ.
It is easy to do so. You take a left on Speedway Boulevard and drive
Until it turns into Gates Pass Road. But addressing the saguaro
Is not the same as telling everyone about the nature of the future.
It’s not the voice coming out of your forehead into the microphone
To tell which people they are the good people. To crack a whip
That leaves no mark on this loving body. Impossible now to say
What you wanted to say once forehead into microphone is bumped.
Once whip at hungry lion has been cracked. For   at that exact instant
When the rope goes taut, it is traveling faster than the speed of sound.


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