Make the world see
cities, ease the gun
to my cheek.
Is the world too shy,
or are our temples chariots,
mobile, dressed
in throbbing streets;
I must be sensible.
Your moon is a circle,
a wheel, you’re
changing. It’s funny
to tell the evening
to wait a second,
a third, fourth, to start
to quote something
meaningful by the name
that heard it. Hereafter,
we have the rest,
the world, resting
on the flat table
of the universe.
You can see it
when it’s very
fucking dark.
The ghost goes
gliding. I do not
have a way of dealing
with something, and it
gets larger. I’m trying
to sleep in it. All being
over, all being over, all being
over, afflicted, afflicted,
antelope, antelope, please
can we go idle and shake
our heads and speak
to managers, for I am
a formed body, I am
a mostly private person.


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