Quick update on Anne and Lily’s e-chapbook: Blue Hour Press will be publishing it by the end of this month!

We won’t divulge the beautiful cover that Justin Runge designed just yet, but we can share the very kind blurb he wrote:

The voices that make a mantra of I Am a Natural Wonder must be inspired by ecstatic Whitman reverie, hyperbolic hip hop brag, or both. Anne Cecelia Holmes and Lily Ladewig, collaborating from the root of a casual challenge, twist the title into contradictory poses—grandiosity and quietude, oddity and familiarity—and their utterances are warm and unabashed. The poems eventually gather around questions of ego, worry about the gravity it creates, wonder at it, examine its potential to leave us lonely. At least one solution it offers is to grow as big as can be, come out of faucets, collect the blue world like bowerbirds.

Bowerbirds! We’re blushing. Thanks Justin!