Wild for home/ and wired for doom/ I’m checking for trueness/ Playing it backwards/ Someone’s saying/ There was a little toolshed/ where he made us suffer/ I’m asking/ can I carry you/ through the snow/ are there arms for us/ will you follow me through a bad world/ Over and over and breathing/ into a breathalyzer/ your long brunette self /chokes my posture/ So elegant/ the hairline fracture/ Everything is almost over/ and I couldn’t feel less fast/ I get wrong with God/ The sky looks at me/ My heart is shaped/ like a heart like/ in a cartoon/ Your family gets hacked up/ in a busted sunset/ Finally/ I am your favorite/ Poor thing/ Bad blooded/ So speedy/ My own/ and only


To read about Ben Kopel’s (sold out) chapbook Because We Must, visit Brave Men Press.