line single-file fourteen Manhattan Islands
arrange a clover of 2,000 school buses
deem an asteroid one and one half a Texas
ten dozen blue whales baleen to rudder
fill the football stadium with seawater
the width of the Adriatic Sea frozen over
that could generate enough electricity to power
eight full-size replicas of the U.S.S. Maine
build a road made of hot dogs the distance
of the moon at its most outlying orbital point
to the bronze statue capping the Capitol
someone perpetually transcribing Sonnets
longhand the length of Ireland’s dental floss
thrown away daily in a gigaton landfill
tipping the scales at seven Great Sphinxes
an explosive force equal to two trillion pounds
of tritrotoluene sunk to the base of Lake Michigan
leaving a crater with an astounding radius
hemispherically similar to a lesser satellite
of the planet that can fit twentysomething suns
the weight of the air that fills your hands
when held out as far as your arms will allow


Justin Runge is a poet, designer, and publisher of Blue Hour Press.