In the bath early on (did I say)
(super) (natural) the water greening
those toes. How can it be.
The year’s supply of toes vs.
the year’s supply of messiahs.
Look up: those flakes of plaster,
sloughing into a smile.

Metamorphosis at recess. Scrunched
bugwise in a wall. Thumbalina’d
in moss upholstery, throned up
in Queen Anne crevices I’d thumbed
between the bricks (I can go anywhere)
(I made myself) (wingless) I plunged
into someone’s cube of milk

so then I swam and swim.
A hotel pool in Anaheim. Who can
deny this wonder. I glitter so hard.
Aquarium framing: toes
appear greening. Ankles then knees.
The glass fogs (the audience)
(gasping) (I glitter) how can it be.


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