Comb it, just off the fueled jetting highway

where the gravel just sits until you

run it over. Then it crackles and browns

into a cloud, and the picnic is ruined!

The wonder lies in how both explanations

are wacke and that one doesn’t feel responsible

for either, but if one were anything else but

human, there would be no distinction, but

then again there may be no problem at all

if one were not human. Usefulness, show

the way with your flare guns and booby tassels,

show me your footwork and how to slick

back my hair like you. What you dip yr comb in,

the special ordered jelly made from on high,

Certified Trademarked Natural Wonder,

a company which knows its way around.

And what is the reason to sit next to anything?


Drew Scott Swenhaugen lives in Portland, Ore. He co-edits Poor Claudia and co-curates the Bad Blood Reading Series.