I Am a Natural Finish

I Am a Natural Finesse

I Am a National Finalist

I Am Forcibly Nationalist

I Jaw Up to the Ladies like Gregory Peck

I Am the Middle of a Water-rights Feud

I Am the Next Theme Come True

I Am Not an Invention

I Am Elope Imagination

I Am from Asia through Midair

I Am the Etcetera Behavior of Language

I Am a Natural Interim

I, I Am a Natural Wonder

I Am the Heavenly Gift of Honey from Midair

I Am All These Tight Titles

I Am White and Thorough

I Am a Facial Fracture

I Am a Managed Hurdle

I Am Fed New through Jersey

I Am a Miniature Finish


Read David Bartone’s e-chapbook Spring Logic (H_NGM_N Books, 2010) here.