Hello friends!

I Am A Natural Wonder started as a light-hearted challenge over beer and baby back ribs at Bub’s BBQ in Sunderland, MA. Inspired by a set of trivia cards on our table, we gave ourselves one title and were excited by the two different poems that sprouted from it. We decided to keep writing. This call-and-response collaboration, which took place over several months via email, transformed into something we’re proud of, and feel very close to.

In February 2011, the always incredible and beautiful Blue Hour Press published our collaborative chapbook, I Am A Natural Wonder, as an e-book. But we didn’t want the project to end there so we’ve invited the wonderful poets in our lives to share this experience with us. In conjunction with the release of I Am A Natural Wonder, we’ve brought them into the fold — offering them the title “I Am A Natural Wonder” to make their own poem(s). On this companion blog, we will post their “natural wonders” to help celebrate and expand this poetic conversation.

We hope that you enjoy!

– Anne Cecelia Holmes & Lily Ladewig